Powerline Package

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Complete Powerline Surveillance System:

  • 2 Bullet cameras
  • 2 Dome cameras
  • NVR
  • 500 GB of SATA hard drive
  • Mouse
  • 5 Powerline adaptors
  • Do it yourself setup

Camera System Made Simple!

You will love our camera system because it’s powerful and so easy to install. You will save a lot of time and tons of money. Let’s see how.

Cyberonic powerline system uses the electrical wiring in your building to create a network. Because it requires no new wiring, and the network adds no cost to your electric bill, power-line networking is the chepeast method of connecting computers in different areas.


Cyberonic Powerline Camera SystemVSTraditional Wired Camera System

High Definition (HD) Indoor/Outdoor Dome

The camera is perfect for indoor or outdoor surveillance use when clear high definition video is required. The wide angle lens is perfect for covering a large area. The lens field of view opens up at a 78 degree angle.


  • 1 megapixel, 1/4″ Progressive scan  CMOS
  • 1080P/D1,1080P/720P/D1HD1/VGA/CIF/QVGA/QCIF
  • IP Camera, Weather Proof, with IRCUT FILTER
  • HD professional lens 3,6mm
  • 30 LED for 35 Meters
  • Support Multi-Screen software and CMS

Support Protocol: TCP, UDP, IP, HTTP, FTP, SMTP, DHCP, DNS, ARP, ICMP, POP3, NTP, IPSec UpnP, RTP and RTCP  

High Definition (HD) Indoor/Outdoor Bullet

The camera is perfect for indoor or outdoor surveillance powered by 35 LEDs allowing pristine night and day monitoring.  The angle of view is 49⁰ allowing for longer range of visibility.


  • 1 megapixel, 1/4″ CMOS sensor.
  • 720p HD Video, 1280 x 720 pixels for higher resolution, sharper picture & video, cover more details and space.
  • Water Proof/Weather Proof, with IR-CUT support
  • HD professional lens 3.6mm.
  • Support Multi-Screen software and CMS.

HD NVR – 4 Channel Network Video Recorder

How it works:

  1. Connect the PLC adapters of cameras and the recording device (NVR) to electric outlets.
  2. Connect a monitor and mouse to the NVR.
  3. NVR will automatically detect connected cameras for viewing in seconds.



  • Set your system so you can receive email alerts at the first sign of trouble.


IR Cut Day and Night Vision

IR Cut Filter blocks infrared light but allows colors visible to the naked eye to pass through. During low/no light conditions, the IR Cut Filter moves away from the lens to let in 100% of the infrared light for maximum night vision performance. This results in the camera image changing to Black and White for better image quality.


Watch Recording on Smart Phone


Worry-free Monitoring

After the initial setup, the NVR will be uniquely identified with your user account so that no one else will be able to access your videos and camera without your permission. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your privacy and belongings are kept safe.


Never Unaware

You don’t have to be at your PC or NVR to monitor your property and your belongings anymore. With advanced motion detection and alert features, you will always be kept updated on the well-being of the things that you treasure most. Our software will send an email alert, complete with photo of the activity, if any motion is detected.


Easy connection with QR code setup on iOS and Android

With a quick and easy set up all you have to do is simply scan the QR code from the display monitor using your smartphone or tablet with our downloadable  app. Never before has it been such a breeze to set up a security camera IP system. The included free mobile app has been developed to exceed mobile surveillance standards, allowing the user to fully configure recordings and other settings on the camera.

Update your Firmware through your mobile device

Updating your firmware has never been easier. Our app will tell you if an upgrade is available, all you have to do is tap a button and let our app do the rest.

Remote-Accessmonitoring500MB sata harddrivesecurity


Quick Setup Guide


1. Preface

This guide will help you get our system up and running locally, via the Cyberonic Camera Management Wizard and via the Cyberonic Cloud software over Internet Explorer for Windows. Other solutions require additional documentation and configuration.

Visit us online at:

For technical support or any other issues contact us at:



2. Hardware

  • EJ-series IP HD Camera


    1. Network       2. DC 12V Input

  • HQ-series IP HD Camera


    1. Network       2. DC 12V Input

  • Q-series professional IP NVR


        1. USB                2. Power Indicator

        3. Alarm Indicator

        4. Record Indicator

        5. Remove Receiver

  • EJ-series IP HD Camera

    pp-installation-hardware-4         6. HDMI                         7. VGA

            8. Netowrk                     9. Power

  • Splitter

    pp-installation-hardware-5    1. Network (M)        2. Network (F)

        3. DC 12V Output

  • PLC Adapter


    1.Network/Power        2. Status

Important: A splitter must be used to separate power from data before connecting to networking equipment or damage may result.


3. Installation

Note: Please follow these instructions carefully to avoid damaging the equipment. PLC adapters should be connected directly to wall jacks, do not use power strips or other electrical equipment. Connecting them through power strips, battery backups, etc. may cause them to not function properly.

pp-installation-3.13.1 Connect PLC to the camera

  1. Connect an Ethernet cable to a PLC and plug the PLC into a wall jack.
  2. Connect the other end of the Ethernet cable to the network port ① on a splitter splitter.
  3. Plug the video connector ③ of the splitter into the red DC 12V input jack of the camera ②.
  4. Plug the Ethernet connector of the splitter ② into camera port ①.
  5. Repeat with all other cameras you wish to install.

pp-installation-3.23.2 Connect PLC to the NVR

  1. Connect an Ethernet cable to a PLC and plug the PLC into a wall jack.
  2. Connect the other end of the Ethernet cable to port ① of a splitter.
  3. Plug the Ethernet connector of the splitter ② into Ethernet port ⑧ on the NVR. Leave the power connector of the splitter ③ unplugged, as it in not needed for the nvr.
  4. Connect the NVR Power Adapter to port ⑨ in the back of the NVR and plug the NVR Power Adapter into a wall jack.

pp-installation-3.33.3 Connect NVR to Monitor & Mouse

  1. Use a VGA or HDMI cable to connect a monitor to NVR port ⑥ or ⑦.
  2. Connect the included mouse to one of the USB ports ① in the NVR.

At this point you are ready to use the Cyberonic Camera System without connecting to the Internet.

3.4 (Optional) Connect Cyberonic Camera System to the Internet


  1. This section replaces section 3.2
  2. Connect an Ethernet cable to a PLC and plug the PLC into a wall jack.
  3. Connect the other end of the Ethernet cable to port ① of a splitter.
  4. Plug the Ethernet connector of the splitter ② into your Internet switch or router.
  5. Using an Ethernet cable, connect Port ⑧ of the NVR to your Internet switch or router.
  6. Connect the NVR Power Adapter to port ⑨ in the back of the NVR and plug the NVR Power Adapter into a wall jack.

3.5 NVR Wizard Setup

3.5.1 Follow the on screen prompts by navigating using mouse. This will automatically configure the cameras and connect them to NVR.

Your new security camera system is now ready to use!

CYB5110 - Bullet Camera
  • High resolution, clear and smooth image.
  • Support automatic turn color to black/IR - CUT, day and night monitoring.
  • Support all types of superposition of information (such as ID, IP, DDNS server, etc.), easy to use.
  • Using advantage H.264 High profile video compression,very low bitrate and high definition image.
  • Support dual stream.
  • Support (iPhone, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, Symbian, Android).
  • Support (IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari).
  • Support auto iris and electronic shutter.
  • Support connection with HVR/NVR and Onvif.
Model ICYB5110
Image sensor 1/4" CMOS Sensor
Low IlluminationColor:0.1Lux with IR
B/W:0.01 Lux with IR
Electronic Shutter1/50(1/60)S~ 1/10,000 S
Lens mount M12
Day/Night Support IR-CUT
Compression Standard 
Video CompressionH.264 HighProfile, JPEG snapshot
Bit rate 32 Kbps~8Mbps
Audio Compression G.711a
Max.image resolution 1280×720
Frame rate50Hz: 25fps (1280×720)
60Hz: 30fps (1280×720)
Image settingSaturation, Brightness, Contrast adjustable through client software or Web server
StorageNetwork storage
Intelligent AlarmMotion detect, Video loss, Network disconnention, IP address conflict
SIP 802.1x IPv6  optional)"
Basic "Anti-flicker dual stream heartbeat password protection"
net interface 1 * RJ45 10M/100M
Working condition "-10~60Humidity 90% or less(non-condensing)"
Power supply DC12V±10
Power consumption  “IR3”:6W MAX;
Protection range IP66
IR distance  “IR2”:20-30 M;
Dimension  length: 160mm. Case: F44mm*90mm
Weight 300g

CYBA201 - Powerline Adapter
  • Acess to network easily without laying cable
  • Stable signal, transmission speed up to 200Mbps
  • Transmission distance: > 300 meters
  • Plug and play,simple to operate
  • 128 bit AES encrypting, ensuring safe and reliable data
  • Stable and normal working under peak periods with 100V~240V voltage
  • Radiation-free, low consumption
[TableMaker nl="~~" th="0" terminator="||"] Model, CYBA201|| [/TableMaker] Hardware parameter [TableMaker nl="~~" th="0" terminator="||"] Protocol standards, HomePlug AV IEEE 802.3 IEEE 802.3u|| Modulation mode, OFDM|| Interface, Ethernet Interface:one 10/100M  RJ45 (Support auto-flip)|| LED, SYS|| Dimension, || Operating Voltage , AC 100V-240V|| Power consumption, <2W|| Output Voltage, 12V|| Output Current, 1A|| [/TableMaker] Operate environment [TableMaker nl="~~" th="0" terminator="||"] Operating Temperature, 0 -60 || Storage Temperature, -40 -80|| Operating Humidity, 10 -90 RH Non-condensing|| Storage humidity, 5 -90 RH Non-condensing|| [/TableMaker]

CYB5110D - Dome Camera
  • Use highly advanced image sensor,resenting vivid and clear pictures.
  • Support automatic color change/IR-CUT, realizing day&night non-stop monitoring.
  • Introduce advanced H.264 HP video compression, achieving ultra-low bit-rate, superb high-definition picture quality.
  • Support various information superimposed (such as:ID, IP, DDNS and so on),convenient to operate
  • Support dual-stream
  • Support various mobile long-distance monitoring(iPhone, Windows Mobile, Black Berry, Symbian, Android)
  • Support multiple web browsers(IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari)
  • Support auto electronic shutter, adapt to different monitoring environment
  • Web and CMS supporting, central management software MYEYE, providing SDK development.
  • Support HVR/NVR/NVD connection, Conform to ONVIF
[TableMaker nl="~~" th="0" terminator="||"] Model, CYB5110D|| [/TableMaker] Camera [TableMaker nl="~~" th="0" terminator="||"] Image sensor, 1/4"  CMOS|| System standard, PAL/NTSC|| Min.illumination, "Color 0.1Lux ,0 LUX with IR ~~ Black/white 0.2 Lux ,0 LUX with IR"|| Shutter, "1/50(1/60)s -  1/10,000 s"|| Lens, HD professional lens 3.6mm || Lens mount, M12|| Adjust angle, horizontal:0°~355°;vertical:0°~ 75°|| Day/night, Support IR-CUT|| [/TableMaker] Compression [TableMaker nl="~~" th="0" terminator="||"] video compression, "H.264 HighProfile, JPEG capture"|| bite rate, 32 Kbps~6Mbps|| [/TableMaker] Image [TableMaker nl="~~" th="0" terminator="||"] Max.image resolution, 1280×720|| Frame rate,50Hz: ~~ 25fps (1280×720) ~~ ~~ 60Hz: ~~ 30fps (1280*720)|| Image setting, "Saturation, brightness and contrast are adjusTableMaker through IE browser or client."|| [/TableMaker] Network [TableMaker nl="~~" th="0" terminator="||"] Storage, "Network storage"|| Intelligent Alarm, "Motion detection, video loss, cable Break, IP address conflicts"|| Protocol, "TCP/IP, HTTP, DHCP, DNS, DDNS, PPPoE, SMTP, NTP]"|| Basic, "anti-flicker, dual-stream, heartbeat, password protection"|| [/TableMaker] Interface [TableMaker nl="~~" th="0" terminator="||"] Net Interface, 1 * RJ45 10M/100M|| [/TableMaker] General [TableMaker nl="~~" th="0" terminator="||"] Working condition, "-10°~60°, humidity less than 90%( non-condensing)"|| Power supply, DC12V±10|| Protection range, IP66|| IR distance,  “-IR1”:10-20 meters|| Dimension, 93mm*68mm|| Weight, 300g|| [/TableMaker]

CYB6804N - Network Recording Device
[TableMaker nl="~~" th="0" terminator="||"] Model, CYB6804N|| [/TableMaker] System [TableMaker nl="~~" th="0" terminator="||"] Main processor, Hi3515C|| operating system, embedded linux|| System Resources, "Simultaneous multi-channel recording, sub-stream, playback and network operation, USB storage."|| [/TableMaker] Interface [TableMaker nl="~~" th="0" terminator="||"] user interface, "Support 16-bit true color graphical menu interface, mouse and remote control operation."|| preview screen, 1/4|| [/TableMaker] Video [TableMaker nl="~~" th="0" terminator="||"] Video standards, "PAL (625line,50f/s) ;NTSC (525line,60f/s)"|| Video compression,H.264(High Profile);|| Display quality, VGA:HD;HDMI:HD|| Playback quality, 960P/720P/960H/D1/HD1/CIF/QCIF|| Video access, 4ch 960P/8ch D1|| Motion detect, supported|| [/TableMaker] Audio [TableMaker nl="~~" th="0" terminator="||"] Audio compression, G.711A|| Bidirectional talk, Not supported [/TableMaker] Record&playback [TableMaker nl="~~" th="0" terminator="||"] record mode, manual>alarm>motion detection>timing|| local playback, 1ch(960P);4ch(D1)|| search mode, "Time , calendar , event , channel search"|| [/TableMaker] Storage&backup [TableMaker nl="~~" th="0" terminator="||"] record storage, "HDD,network"|| Backup mode, "Network backup,USB,USB writer,SATA burner"|| [/TableMaker] Interface [TableMaker nl="~~" th="0" terminator="||"] video input, no|| video output, "1ch VGA,1ch HDMI"|| audio input, no|| audio output, no|| alarm input, no|| alarm output,  no|| net interface, One RJ45 10M/100M|| PTZ control, no|| USB, 2 USB ports|| HDD, "One SATA,Support laptop HDD (Max.4T)"|| [/TableMaker] Others [TableMaker nl="~~" th="0" terminator="||"] power supply, 5V/2A|| Dimension, 221.5mm(length)*112mm(width)* 43.5mm(height)|| [/TableMaker]

4. General Config & Setup


4.1 NVR Network Setup  Screen

Go to <Main Menu>-<System>-<Network>
Default IPs:
[IP address]: default is
[Subnet Mask]: default is
[Default Gateway]: default is

Note: IP address of  your NVR should be in the same subnet as your local area network and must not conflict with any existing IP addresses. Select “DHCP Enable” if you would like your router to assign an IP to the NVR.


Powerline-Package-Support-4.24.2 Network IP Configutation

Go to <Main Menu>-<System>-<Network>


4.3 NVR Default Login

The default usernames are admin and guest. No password is needed.


Powerline-Package-Support-4.4-14.4 Record Config. And Video Playback

  1. Local video config path:
    [Main Menu] > [Record] > [Record Conf.]
  2. Use settings such as
    [Channel], [Length], [Mode], [Period] and [Record type] to configure your equipment to your liking.
  3. Video playback path:
    [Main Menu] > [Record] > [PlayBack.]


  1. Playback control
  2. Time display
  3. Synchronous
  4. Video type
  5. Time schedule options
  6. Search by time/switch mode
  7. File Attributes
  8. Listed Files

4.4.4 Video Playback

Click playback button on the left to enter video search interface, you can search the video via the following ways: playback pattern, playback mode, video type,  and video quantum.


After search, you can playback and download the file at playback interface.


Powerline-Package-Support-4.54.5 Pro IP DVR local login

Login before operations and configurations. When the NVR boots up, the user must login and the system provides the corresponding functions with the user preview. The names are admin and guest. No password is needed. For your system security, please modify your password after first login. The login interface is as follows:



Powerline-Package-Support-4.64.6 Accessing NVR Using Browser

4.6.1 Type in the default IP or the manually assigned IP address.
Note: The ActiveX plugin needs to be installed in IE. To install plugin, Go to:
<internet options>–<security>–< Customized Level>–<ActiveX >,
enable them all, or go to (http://www.xmeye.net) to use cloud service).
4.6.2 Don’t forget to download xmeye’s mobile app available on iOS and and android.
[Main Menu] > [Record] > [PlayBack.]


Powerline-Package-Support-4.7-14.7 Cloud Operations

4.6.1 Cloud technology is easily setup with one step on the Internet, which greatly facilitates the user’s needs for public network monitoring. For first use, please start here. If not, just skip step.

10.1 PC access

  1. Cloud service website login.
  2. Install step by step according to the guides.
  3. Click login to enter cloud service interface, double-click left camera to connect to the preview, as follows:
  4. After successful configuration, wherever and whenever you are, as long as you can surf the Internet ,you can get access to the device.
    Powerline-Package-Support-4.7-2PC monitoring: Login http://www.xmeye.net;Login with user name and password (user name: guest password: 123).
  5. Device list is on the left, click the device to preview it.

10.2 Mobile Access

Network environment: WiFi, 3G

Mobile system: Android, iOS Apple Software

Name: VmEyeCloud

Software Download: Google Market, iTunes app store


For more support, questions or concerns visit us online at www.cyberonicsecurity.com

Or just email us at support@cyberonicsecurity.com