Internet Access


Internet Access

Fast, affordable broadband for users that require fast download speeds and uptime reliability.  Our relationship with major carriers allow us to offer nationwide coverage for all broadband access including Satellite, Wireless, Cable, DSL, Integrated T1, Bonded T1, T3, Ethernet Over Copper, Ethernet Over Fiber, MPLS, Fixed Wireless and other telecommunication, network and phone services at the lowest prices. If you are looking for high-speed Internet access for your home or business, whether it is one site or multiple sites, Cyberonic Broadband is the right choice. To see all broadband services available at your location or to request a price quote, complete our short form above or call us today at 888-359-4545.

We can provide backup access in case primary wireline service fails 

For Internet users who rely on high-performance, high-speed, scalable Internet connectivity,
Cyberonic offers:

  • DSL from 144Kbps to 15Mbps
  • Business Quality Ethernet Connection from 2Mbps to 15Mbps
  • T1/T3 from 128k (Frac T1) to 45Mbps (T3)
  • Ethernet from 3Mbps to 100Mbps
  • Wireless up to 11Mbps
  • Cable up to 50Mbps
  • Satellite up to 2Mbps
  • 56k Dialup/ISDN – 56Kbps (dialup) and 128Kbps (ISDN)