Cabling and Wiring


Cyberonic provides nationwide on site cabling services throughout the United States. We install complete or partial cabling in your building to meet your networking needs. Our services include data, video, or voice structured cabling using Copper (Category 3, 5e and 6) and Fiber (Multimode and Single mode).

Our Expertise:

Proper cabling installation plays a significant role in obtaining the speed and reliability of your network. Often a poor installation or design could result in slow and problematic networks that will later require hours of troubleshooting and debugging to remedy. Our field’s engineers are trained and certified to ensure your network is installed and configured correctly to maintain the most stability, scalability and performance.

Whether you are troubleshooting an existing network, simple extension or modification to your existing network, or installing a complete networking system for your location, we are ready to work for you. In most areas, same day or next day service is available.


Pricing could vary from job to job, however, our pricing starts at as little as $120 per visit. Please ask your representative when discussing your project.

Areas of Expertise:

Cabling:Networking and Systems configuration:
  • LAN wiring and configurations
  • Data networking and data centers
  • Telephone systems
  • Wireless networks
  • CCTV/digital video surveilance
  • CATV, satellite and terrestrial-base systems
  • Video conferencing systems
  • VOIP cabling
  • Router configurations
  • WiFi and Hotspot design and implementations
  • TCP/IP networking
  • VOIP
  • VPN implementation
  • Email and web server setup and configurations
  • Systems data recovery