1. Open up the “Config PPP” Control Panel. It can be found in your “Control Panels” folder.
  2. For “Port Name:” select “Modem Port”.
  3. Set “Idle Timeout” to “None”.
  4. Set the “Echo Interval (seconds)” to “Off”.
  5. Click on “Hangup on Close”. None of the Other boxes need to have an “X” in them.
  6. Click on the “Config…” button.
  7. Change the “PPP Server Name” to “Cyberonic”.
  8. Set the “Port Speed:” to the speed just faster than your modem speed.
  9. For “Flow Control:” choose  “CTS Only”.
  10. For “Phone num” put the number you dial to connect to Cyberonic.
  11. For the “Modem Init” you’ll need to find a Modem Init that will work for your modem. You can find the right Init in your modem’s manual. With most modems, you can use “AT&F&C1&D0” (that’s a zero follows the &D). If you have a Global Village or Supra external modem, try “AT&F1”. If none of these gets you connected, call Cyberonic Technical Support at (888)929-2372 or email us at .
  12. Change the “Modem connect timeout:” to “90 seconds”.
  13. Click on the “Connect Script…” button. You’ll get a window with 8 rows of boxes.
  14. You don’t need a script to connect to Cyberonic, so if there’s anything in the large boxes, delete it. Make all 8 rows blank. Make sure the “CR” boxes are blank.
  15. Click the “OK” button.
  16. Click the “Authentication…” button.
  17. Type in your Login ID (Your Login ID will be 3 letters, followed by a number, followed by @cyberonic. For example “aaa1@cyberonic”. Keep in mind it is not
  18. Type in your password. Note: This is optional. If you don’t type in your password, it will prompt you for a password when you try to connect.
  19. Click the “OK” button.
  20. Click the “Done” button.
  21. Close the “Config PPP” Control Panel and restart your Mac.

If you still need to setup MacTCP or Open Transport, do so before you try to connect. Whenever you want to connect to Cyberonic, just open the “Config PPP” Control Panel, click the “Open” button and you’ll connect.