1. In the apple menu, in the upper left part of the screen, drag down to control panels, and select PPP. If you can’t select PPP, it is not installed.
  2. Type your user name where it asks for “name:”. (Your user name will usually be 3 letters, followed by a number, followed by @cyberonic. For example “aaa1@cyberonic”. Keep in mind it is not
  3. Next to “Password” type your password carefully. Keep in mind that your password is all lower case. (If you want the software to remember your password, check “Save Password”. If you don’t check that, you will be prompted for a password every time you connect.
  4. Next to “Number” type in the number you dial to connect to Cyberonic.
  5. Click the options button.
  6. Set the “Redial” option to “Redial main number only”.
  7. Set it to redial 10 times and set it to wait 5 seconds between each try.
  8. Click the “Connection” tab.
  9. Put a check next to “Connect automatically when TCP/IP applications”.
  10. Put a check next to “Flash icon in menu bar while connected”. Make sure no other options have been checked.
  11. Click the “Protocol” tab.
  12. Put a check next to “Allow error correction and compression in modem”.
  13. Put a check next to “Use TCP header compression”.
  14. Make sure that “Connect to command line host” is not checked.
  15. Click “OK” to close that screen.
  16. Close the PPP Control Panel. If it prompts you to save changes, click “Save”.
  17. Open the Modem Control Panel.
  18. On the “Connect via” option select the Modem Port. (Sometimes it is best to select the Printer Port. On laptops, you should usually select Printer Port.)
  19. In the Modem Setup, select your modem. If you do not find your modem, you might want to select a Hayes Modem.
  20. Set your sound to be on.
  21. Set your dialing for Tone.
  22. Do not put a check next to “Ignore dial tone”.
  23. When you are finished, close the Control Panel. If your computer prompts you to save changes, click “Save”.
  24. Open the TCP/IP Control Panel.
  25. Go to the edit menu and choose “User Mode”.
  26. Select “Advanced” and click “OK
  27. Set “Connect via” to “PPP
  28. Set “Configure” to “Using PPP Server”.
  29. Leave everything else in the window blank.
  30. Click the options button.
  31. Select “Active”.
  32. Put a check in front of “Load only when needed”. Then click “OK”.
  33. Close the TCP/IP Control Panel. If you are prompted to save changes, click “Save”.
  34. Restart the computer.
  35. To connect, open a web browser (such as Netscape or IE 5.0), or any Internet Program. To disconnect, open the PPP Control Panel, and click “Disconnect”.

If you are left with questions, please call Technical Support at (888)-9-CYBER-2, or email us at .