Mac Free PPP 2.5

Setting up Free PPP 2.5 is very different from all the previous versions. If you have setup previous releases, make sure you follow these instructions carefully, rather than going on your memory of the previous setup procedure.

  1. Install FreePPP. Double click the installer Installer Icon and its pretty easy. The installer will ask you, before its done installing, if you want to configure MacTCP or TCP/IP. Say yes and follow the MacTCP or Open Transport setup instructions (whichever you have installed).Once its installed, follow the rest of the instructions. Note: You will have to Restart.
  2. From the new FreePPP menu, in the upper right portion of your desktop, select “Open FreePPP Setup”. Or you can open the FreePPP folder and double click the FreePPP Setup icon.
  3. For now, only select the “Allow applications to open connection” box.
  4. Click on the “Modem Setup” button and the “FreePPP Modem Setup” screen will open.
  5. Select the port your modem is connected to (probably your modem port). Select “Hangup on Disconnect”. You can also select “Modem speaker on while connecting”, but its not necessary.
  6. Select “AutoDetect init string”.
  7. Click the “OK” button and you’ll be back to the “FreePPP Setup” screen. Click the “Accounts” tab, and the “FreePPP Setup” screen will change.
  8. Select the “untitled” account by clicking once on it.
  9. Click the “edit” button.
  10. In the “Server name:” type “Cyberonic”.
  11. Type in the phone number you use to connect to Cyberonic.
  12. In the “Connect:” setting, choose “Directly”. Enter in your user name. (Your user name will be 3 letters, followed by a number, followed by @cyberonic. For example “aaa1@cyberonic”. Keep in mind it is not Make sure everything is lower case.
  13. Type in your password. (This is optional. If you don’t type in your password, every time you try to connect, it will prompt you for it.) Make sure everything is lower case.
  14. Click the “Connection” tab.
  15. Set the “Port speed:” to a speed faster than your modem’s capability. For example, if you have a 14.4 kbps. Modem, you might put 19.2 kbps.
  16. Set “Flow Control:” to CTS only.
  17. Click the “OK” button.
  18. You’re ready to try it out!

If you still need to setup MacTCP or Open Transport, do so before you try to connect. You can connect by selecting “Open PPP Connection” from the FreePPP menu, or by clicking on the “Connect” button in the FreePPP Setup application. You can also connect by launching an Internet program, such as Netscape, IE, or Eudora.