iMac Setup

The best and easiest way to set up your connection to Cyberonic with your iMac is to use The Internet Setup Assistant. Your iMac comes with the Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.01 preinstalled, making it very easy to get connected to Cyberonic quickly. Just follow these instructions:

  1. Open the “Internet” folder in the Hard Drive.
  2. Double-click the “Internet Setup Assistant” icon and follow the on screen instructions.
  3. Click the “Update” button to continue.
  4. Click the blue arrow to continue.
  5. Select “Add Internet Configuration“.
  6. Name the configuration “Cyberonic” or “Cyberonic Online” The “iMac Internal 56k modem” should already be selected on this window. The settings should not be changed unless there is nothing selected.
  7. Enter in the phone number you dial to connect to Cyberonic. Also enter in your user name (Your user name will be 3 letters, followed by a number, followed by @cyberonic. For example “aaa1@cyberonic”. Keep in mind it is not Also enter your password.
  8. Your IP address is assigned automatically. Select “No“. Click the right arrow.
  9. Leave the host name and DNS numbers blank. Click the right arrow.
  10. Enter in you email address and password. (Your email password is the same as your dial-up password) Click the right arrow.
  11. Enter in: “” for the POP server and SMTP server. Click the right arrow.
  12. Enter in “” for the newsgroups server. Click the right arrow.
  13. Click “Go ahead” to complete the setup.
  14. You should hear the modem dialing in. You’ll be online in seconds.