Uploading your web site

To launch your website with Cyberonic, follow these instructions. We recommend that you download a ftp client, LeechFTPwith which you feel comfortable.

  1. Using your favorite ftp client, connect to “ftp1.cyberonic.net”.
  2. Put in the first part of your email name for your login. (Example: If your email name is “jrandom@cyberonic.com”, you would enter in “jrandom”.)
  3. Hit enter, and type in your password. Hit enter again.
  4. Using the PUT command, upload your main page, which needs to be called “index.html”.
  5. You can upload any other pages that you like at this point.

To view your website, go to “http://www.cyberonic.net/~yourloginname”.
(Example: If you typed in “jrandom” for your login name, then you would view your site at “http://www.cyberonic.net/~jrandom”.)

If this set of instructions did not enable you to connect, or you have been disconnected, please call Technical Support at (888)-9-CYBER-2, or email us at info@cyberonic.com.