SIP Trunking

SIP Trunking ProviderAllowing the convergence of both voice and data transfer over a single IP based connection, SIP Trunking has become the next generation solution for telecommunications. Cyberonic SIP Trunks offer business-standard features combined with simplicity of use and low operating costs. SIP trunking also allows for the use of existing hardware that is compatible with IP Phone technology.



Features and Benefits

  • Replace your 800 number with a local DID
  • Nationwide DIDs available
  • Flexibility of having local DIDs in multiple locations around the country which ring to you locally
  • Local usage included (outbound and inbound)
  • Save big over traditional lines or trunks
  • e911/411 included


  • Location Independence: your business can expand to new locations without having to change your phone system.
  • Only one IP based connection is required for both voice and data.
  • Supports multiple codecs including G711 and G729

System Requirements

  • This service does not come with IP phones to connect to your SIP trunk. IP phones or a Softphone application is required.
  • You will also need your own PBX to manage your voip system and to connect to the SIP trunk.
  • A strong internet connection is also required to run your IP phones.


  • Business that already have their own IP phones and PBX, or wish to manage their PBX themselves will benefit from this package.
  • If your business can supply everything required and only needs a SIP trunk.


  • As low as 1¢ per minute for 800, local and long distance calling within the U.S.