Cloud Hosted PBX

Cloud Hosted PBXAn Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange (IP PBX) is a telephone system designed to phone calls over a data network. Cyberonic’s Cloud Hosted IP PBX gives us the ability to create a VoIP infrastructure to your specifications and moderate it.

No matter how big or small your business is, it can now enjoy powerful calling features like Auto Attendant, Voicemail to Email, Extension Dialing, and much more.


Features and Benefits

  • Auto Attendant: The Auto Attendant is what your customers will first hear when they call you, and will direct them to choose options so they reach the right department of your business.
  • Extension Dialing: Every IP phone that is connected to your VoIP infrastructure will be assigned an extension. This can be used by customers to directly reach specific extensions, or by employees to do the same.
  • Conference Rooms: Dedicated conference rooms can be opened and entered by employees simply by dialing that room’s extension. Callers outside of your business can also be transferred into these rooms.
  • Voicemail to Email: Being able to check your voicemail is a standard feature on every phone, however receiving those voicemails through your email is not. Now you can check your voicemail from practically any device with an internet connection.
  • Time Based Routing: Time Based Routing allows you to send calls to different numbers of extensions during certain time periods.
  • Ring Groups: Placing IP phone extensions within ring groups allows certain phones to ring all at once. This coincides very well with auto attendants, allowing customers to call everyone within certain departments of your business.


  • Cloud Hosted PBX user and account will be provided by Cyberonic, account can be managed by Cyberonic at an addtional cost.
  • All PBX features are included.
  • VoIP technology lets your business have one phone system for your entire business, even in multiple locations.

System Requirements

  • In order to use the VoIP system provided by Cyberonic’s Cloud Hosted PBX, you will need to have your IP phonesor Softphone application configured.
  • Instructions on how to configure your IP phones and manage the PBX will be provided after a package has been purchased.


  • Want to have a professional phone system without configuring and managing it yourself? Cyberonic’s Cloud Hosted PBX allows you have an affordable, and working IP phone system without buying or renting PBX equipment yourself.
  • Simply setup your IP phone to connect to our Cloud Hosted PBX and you can be making phone calls within minutes.
  • Businesses with multiple locations can all be setup to the same telecommuncations system, with all features of the PBX working no matter where you are located.


  • For pricing, please call us at 888-359-4545.