100% uptime – Internet Redundancy for Your Business


Now more than ever, today’s businesses require reliable network connectivity and access to corporate resources. Cyberonic Internet Redundancy product provides an alternative — multiple Internet connections through a single router.  If one of your connections goes down, automatically and seamlessly reroute traffic to another connection through a different Internet backbone, thus increasing expected uptime dramatically.
An additional benefit of this type of configuration is that your bandwidth will be increased at all times! We accomplish this by balancing your network
load over multiple Internet connections at once, the benefit of which is most
evident in small to medium office networks with multiple users.

Features and Benefits

  • Load balancing – Load balancing balances the throughput betwen the multiple ISP, giving you aggregate bandwidth and multiplying your throughput.

  • Redundancy – Redundancy is achieved by a link state monitoring process. If ISP (a) goes down, all traffic is routed via ISP (b) and vice versa.

  • Multiple types of connections can be balanced. Either two T-1’s, 2 DSL lines, one DSL and one wireless, Cable Internet and others.