Wireless Broadband AccessCyberonic last mile broadband delivery system, Fixed Wireless Broadband, delivers nationwide Internet access that supports bundled data, VoIP, bandwidth on demand, wireless redundancy, IP, VPN, email, video services and more. Cyberonic specializes in providing high speed service to locations where cable and DSL service is not available and which may not be able to afford the overhead associated with dedicated T1 connectivity. You will be able to surf the web and send/receive e-mail at speeds that simply can’t be matched by ISDN, satellite, or even T1.

Cyberonic offers access speeds from
1 Mbps to 100 Mbps!

Cyberonic installs two pieces of equipment for all wireless subscribers – a subscriber unit (often called a radio) and a small directional antenna. The antenna is installed outside pointing at a wireless tower. A cable runs from the antenna to the subscriber unit. From the subscriber unit, a cable will run to the customer’s router. All connections are via indoor/outdoor Cat 5 cable with RJ45 connectors. Installation is easy and after we qualify your location for wireless Internet access, your business can be up and running in as little as seven days.


Want Wireless Internet? Trust Cyberonic to be your Wireless Internet solution provider. We’ve been  providing Internet solutions since 1998 and today, Cyberonic provides IP services to thousands of customers including national restaurant chains, department stores, government, legal, residential consumers, and many other sectors.

Features and Benefits

  • Access speeds from 1 Mbps to 11 Mbps
  • Supported Features:
    • Bundled Data
    • VoIP
    • Bandwidth on Demand
    • Low cost alternative to T1
    • wireless redundancy
    • IP
    • Email
    • Video Services
    • and more


  • Connected to high-speed global backbone
  • Full-time Internet access
  • 20 Email accounts
  • Your domain name Web hosting
  • VPN / NAT / DHCP / IP filtering and firewall support
  • Cost effective
  • Scaleable
  • First class support by expert network support engineers
  • Routable Static IP addresses
  • Low Latency to ensure applications without unwanted time-outs
  • Robust and reliable networking
  • Fast and Simple Installation
  • 24×7 Network watch
System Requirements

  • Indoor/Outdoor Antenna
  • Wireless Access Point
  • Wireless Gateway

  • Telecommuter VPN
  • Rural Broadband
  • Low cost alternative to T1
  • Temporary Internet Connection
  • Redundancy
  • Point to point connection


  • Fixed Wireless Internet access eliminates the need for phone company involvement. No leased-lines or local loop charges!
  • Our access packages start at $99 per month depending on the bandwidth and speed requirements.
  • Our basic installation charge includes the actual installation and setup of the wireless equipment.